What’s cooking?!?

As with most people, our family tends to fall off the healthy eating wagon during the holidays. It’s almost impossible not to. Everywhere you turn there are holiday treats just begging to be enjoyed. And I don’t know about you but I can’t say no to a Christmas cookie. ANY Christmas cookie. And something about the cold wintery weather makes daily mugs of hot chocolate with fluffy whipped cream (and a drizzle of caramel!) almost mandatory. But that also makes my pants fit a little tighter come January. So, in total cliché form, we are back on the healthy eating train.

A lot of friends have asked me to send them some recipes of things we like and what we’re cooking up in our house. Now, I’m not a chef. I’m not creating recipes. I may tweak things here and there based on what ingredients we have or what I know my family will eat but please don’t think I’m like a real “food blogger” coming up with recipes. This is just a place for me send out info to friends who’ve asked.


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